Testiculeces: Villano de Bond

Alec Trevelyan
You scored 40% on Insanity, 57% on Competence and 32% on Vanity.
You are probably one of the more competent villains Bond will ever have
to face. You don’t have time to do the traditional Bond villain
foolery, though even you can’t resist the chance to grandstand every
now and again. You probably know Bond as well as he does, and will give
him a run for his money.
When it comes to villainy, you are ruthless but pragmatic. You have
little time for fools, but are prepared to forgive minor misdemeanours
if the culprit can be useful to you again. As a human being, you appear
sane on the surface, but are deeply scarred within. Who can tell what
lurks beneath?
My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 18% on Insanity
You scored higher than 77% on Competence
You scored higher than 61% on Vanity
Link: The Bond Villain Test written by DukeofPevensey on Ok Cupid


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